Stuart Heaver - speclalist writer on Hong Kong and China

Stuart Heaver is a writer and journalist who specialises in subjects related to Hong Kong and greater China. He first came to Hong Kong in 1982 as a trainee Naval officer, engaged in Illegal Immigration patrols and based at the former HMS Tamar naval base. 


Stuart has lived in Hong Kong and travelled extensively by sea, land and air in south-east Asia for many years, filing stories from  Mainland China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.


Stuart enjoys exploring links between the past and the present, pegged to major news events or significant anniversaries. Stuart is extremely knowledgeable on issues related to economics and business, maritime affairs and shipping and the modern history and culture of greater China, the maritime silk road and the South China Sea.

Stuart Heaver on diving story in Thailand
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    Koh Chang’s divers are helping bring about the return of the clownfish.
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Stuart Heaver, writer and journalist based in Hong Kong
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